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Centrifugal Backward Inclined Fans For General Purposes

Wheel Diameters from 5″ to 100″
Air Volumes up to 500,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 50″ W.G.
Horsepower Requirements up to 1,000 HP
Temperatures to 1000° F
Maximum Efficiency to 83%

Classes: I through V

Arrangement: Belt Drive and Direct Drive fans

Design Features: Clean air handling fan designs, most commonly associated with the non overloading horsepower characteristic. Typically, large volumes of air at low to moderate pressures at high efficiencies are these fans trademark. Additionally, the horsepower curve has a peak value for any given speed, thereby allowing fan motor selection to prevent an over load condition given gas density remains constant. All fan models available in SWSI or DWDI and in standard AMCA fan / blower arrangements.

Choice of backward-inclined, airfoil, backward-curved or forward-curved fan wheel, all types of motors, drive gaurds, air dampers and shutters, high temperature, spark-resistant / explosion proof fan construction.

Service and Applications: General ventilating, light industrial, commercial air moving fan systems. Combustion air on kilns and furnaces, baghouse forced draft, blower aeration, industrial air conditioning.

Canadian Blower industrial fan High capasity industrial fan blower    Canadian Blower industrial fan blower     

Industrial Backward Curved Fans

Wheel Diameters from 24″ to 110″
Air Volumes up to 600,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 45″ W.G.
Horsepower Requirements up to 1,000 HP
Temperatures to 1000° F
Maximum Efficiency to 82%

Arrangement: Belt Drive and Direct Drive fans

Design Features: These high-efficient backward curved, airfoil and backwardly inclined fans employ high efficiency impeller design for use in clean or moderately dust laden air streams. Designed as a higher efficiency alternative to a radial tip fan.

Typical performances ranges are the same as a radial tip fan with increased efficiency and non-overloading horsepower characteristics. The rugged standard design allows these fans to be used in many of the same applications as the radial tip blowers. Backwardly curved fans are available in all standard AMCA arrangements and with most standard fan options.

Service and Applications: Combustion air supply, baghouse induced draft, power generation cooling systems, high volume industrial exhaust, hgih temperature air moving, petro-chemical process applications.

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Radial Tip Fans

Wheel Diameters from 27″ to 110″
Air Volumes up to 700,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 60″ W.G
Horsepower Requirements up to 2,000 HP
Temperatures to 1000° F
Maximum Efficiency to 80%

Industrial radial tipped fan and blower.          Radial tipped fan blower.
Design Features:  Radial Tip design is used to move particulate laden air in medium

and high pressure process and induced draft air systems. The radial tipped wheel is made for extreme hard-use durability and dependability. Applications for air pollution control include baghouses, precipitators and scrubbers. Other applications comprise induced draft ventilation systems for boilers, incinerators and kilns, plus use with high temperature ovens, furnaces and dryers. All standard AMCA arrangements are available, in both Single-Width Single-Inlet and Double-Width Double-Inlet fan.

Service and Applications: Industrial induced draft air systmes, dust collection,  high pressure gas scrubbers, incinerators, industrial ovens and dryers, cement industry.

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Pressure Blowers

Wheel Diameters from 8″ to 66″
Air Volumes up to 30,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 135″ W.G
Horsepower Requirements up to 500 HP
Temperatures to 800° F
Maximum Efficiency to 75%

Design Features:  Available with both Radial and Radial-Tip wheels. Provides

for moderate to high pressures with low to moderate air volumes. These performance ranges are achievable due to the high tip speed capability inherent in these blower designs. Usually used in direct driven Arrangement 4, but high temperature fan arrangements are available too.

Service and Applications: Chemical processing, combustion air, pneumatic conveying, high pressure air moving systems through long ducts, glass blowing and cooling applications.
High temperature industrial pressure blower fan          Twin City industrial pressure blower fan

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Material Handling Radial Fans

Wheel Diameters from 8″ to 100″
Air Volumes up to 500,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 50″ W.G
Horsepower Requirements up to 2,000 HP
Temperatures to 1000° F
Maximum Efficiency to 70%

Design Features: Buffalo Blower offers a wide range of radial designs for heavy-duty industrial applications. Open Radial, Radial-Curve, Radial with Backplate and Riinforcing Gussets fan wheels designs are available, as well as abrasion-resistant wheel construction, housing liners, special alloy materials and protective coatings.

All models available in standard AMCA fan arrangements (available in both SWSI/DWDI blower design).

Service and Applications: From pneumatic conveyance of materials to air pollution control systems where particles must be blown through filter arrangements before being exhausted into the atmosphere. Varios material conveying fan applications, scrap handling though-airstream blowers.

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Fiberglass Fans

Wheel Diameters from 10″ to 100″
Air Volumes up to 100,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 40″ W.G
Horsepower Requirements up to 500 HP
Temperatures to 250° F
Maximum Efficiency to 80%

Design Features: Corrosion-reistant FRP fan airstream construction from premium quality Vinyl Ester or Polyester resins reinforced with glass fibers; Hastelloy blower wheels and shaft sleeves are available, as well as Teflon, Viton, etc.. shaft seals.

Service and Applications: Chemical processing, pharmaceutical industry, food production, petrochemical processes.  Wastewater treatment plants, and waste incineration facilities.

Corrosion resistant FRP fiberglass fan blower ventilator       FRP fiberglass high pressure blower fan

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Inline Fans

Wheel Diameters from 6″ to 84″
Air Volumes up to 700,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 14″ W.G
Horsepower Requirements up to 500 HP
Temperatures to 800° F
Maximum Efficiency to 85%

Design Features: Tubeaxial, Vane Axial, Mix-Flow or In-Line Centrifugal fan design, belt drive or direct drive ventilators. Adjustable pitch axial fan impellers, including controllable in-motion vaneaxial blowers. Available with swing-out, easy-aceess fan construction, roof exhauster arrangements, spark-resistant and explosion proof ventilator construction, as well as high temperature fan arrangements.

Service and Applications: High volume lower pressure air moving, industrial and commercial ventilation and air conditioning fans, paint-booth exhaust, air makeup systems and air-handling units.
Twin City Arovent axial fan blower ventilator  Greenheck fan ventilator   Hartzell axial fan ventilator    

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Super High Temperature Fans

Centrifugal and axial fan types
Temperatures to 2200 F (1200 C)

  Industrial high temperature oven circulating fan blower       Stainless steel industrial fan blower       High temperautre industrial process blower fan

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Super High Pressure Blowers

Positive displacement blowers
Regeneration blowers
Multi-stage blowers
Blowers in Series

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Available Fan / Blower Modifications

  • Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Ferralium, Inconel, Monel, Fiberglass (FRP), Avesta 2205, Cor-Ten and other high alloys and special coatings are available.
  • High temperature up to 1200 F (2200 C) fan construction.
  • Air-tight & zero-leakage blower construction; special shaft seals: ceramic-felt, viton, teflon, mechanical and ferrofluidic seals, multi-stage lip seals, single and double carbon ring seals.

and Ventilator Accesories

  • spark-resistant and explosion proof fan construction
  • abrasion and corrosion resistant construction
  • fan inlet boxes
  • air dampers
  • shutters
  • actuators
  • guards
  • access doors
  • drains
  • etc...

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Fans have helped to create safer and more pleasant internal environments for hundreds of years. The invention of mechanical fans is found in the industrial revolution and the first commercially viable electric fans were made available to the US public early in the 1930's.

Today the technology behind fan manufacturing and ventilation solutions have sky-rocketed to create fans for virtually every use from cooling devices in a server room; to ventilation in a manufacturing plant; to keeping a bathroom clear of damp air.

Generally speaking, fans and their accessories can be divided into 3 main usage categories: domestic use, industrial use and commercial use.

Industrial Fans will often have a very robust requirement and it is essential to involve experienced engineers with the installation of such ventilation. Other than just determining whether the fans will be required for air supply or for exhaust functions (i.e.: as an extractor fan) the engineer or installation technician will need to be keenly aware of both the working temperatures of the units as well as any thermal protection qualities of its associated housing or frame.

Some industrial fans will come with controllable speeds which can be very handy in a changeable internal environment, especially with regards to saving on ventilation costs at times when the air regulation needs of an area are reduced. Special features such as built in monitoring and systems integration come in handy when working in a potentially hazardous environment for example when chemicals or volatile substances are involved. Generally speaking, fire resistance and corrosion resistance are both 'plus' features for any industrial ventilation setup. Above the 'plus' one will need to consider the health and safety requirements of your region such as vibration or noise control and air quality regulations related to worker health.

Commercial Fans and Ventilators would not have as robust a requirement but the overall integration of fans into the building structure and management system is key to efficiency. Automatic ventilation in refrigeration units or in rooms that will typically contain many people at the same time will keep areas safe and comfortable. Operational areas such as server rooms (also known as data rooms) and elevators will need to provide adequate ventilation, usually in the form of extractor fans, to remove excess heat generated by the operating machinery which often runs continuously. Commercial ventilation also acts as a barrier to unwanted external influences such as insects, pollution and natural allergens.

Lastly domestic fans find their main purpose in providing less costly air quality solutions. There are two ways to cut costs with a domestic ventilation solution. You can invest in a 'cheap and cheerful' unit from the beginning resulting in a smaller initial cost or you can install a slightly more costly fan and ducting system with operational features that help you save on heating and ventilation costs in the long run. There are a wide variety of low energy extractor fans and ventilation units are now available for kitchens, washrooms and living rooms. In addition heat recovery units now help you to use the heat from stale air that is being extracted to warm-up fresh air that is being pulled in by your system.

Commercial and institutional ventilator and fan H.V.A.C.; gas-fired air fan A.H.U.; roof and wall power ventilator fans.  Propeller and centrifugal up-blast exhaust and filtered roof and wall supply fans; in-line axial blowers and ventilator fans.