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This ventilators price list is published for budget estimation purposes. The fan prices include only listed accessories.

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This Table is based on fan performance, Airflow in CFM vs. Static Pressure in inches of water column at standard air density 0.075 Lbs/cu.ft.

c/w Motor, Drive, Motorized Shutter & Delay Switch, less guards
c/w Motor, Drive, Hood & Gravity Damper
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 900
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 915
1/13 HP, 115V
US$ 330
500 CFM BP12-2
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 625
1/13 HP, 115V
US$ 460
1000 CFM CBP12-1V
1/4 HP, 115V
US$ 635
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 495
2000 CFM BP14-1V
1/4 HP, 115V
US$ 575
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 635
3000 CFM BP20-1V
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 660
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 715
4000 CFM BP20-2
1/3 HP, 115V
US$ 655
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 800
5000 CFM BCAB24K
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 750
1/2 HP, 115V
US$ 925
7500 CFM BCAB30L
3/4 HP, 115V
US$ 875
1.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,100
10000 CFM BCAB30K
1 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 945
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,260
15000 CFM BCAB30P
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,100
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,375
20000 CFM BCAB42P-2M
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,125
5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,805
25000 CFM BCAB48P-2M
3 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,370
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 1,365
30000 CFM BC54Q-2M
5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,040
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,915
40000 CFM BX60R-2M
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 2,590
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 3,385
50000 CFM BC72R-2M
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,835
7.5 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,980
60000 CFM BC72S-2M
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 4,980
10 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 6,065
70000 CFM BTBC84S-2M
10 HP, 3 Ph.
US$ 6,335
15 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 5,395
80000 CFM   BPSBC72U
20 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 6,565
100000 CFM   BPSBC84U
20 HP, 3 Phase
US$ 8,040

Axial Blade Wheels: The axial blade wheel is usually specified where there is a need for very large volumes of flows against low static pressure. 
Axial wheel like the multi-blade forward curve type wheel could cause an axial fan to deliver different air volumes at the same static pressure,
if the total pressure requirement of the fan system was underestimated. This type of fan is ideally suited where a large volume of flow is
required with a minimum of duct work and is used extensively for small and large furnaces, such as aluminum annealing. Buffalo Fan Canada PRV Power Roof ventilators provide clear evidence of the continued leadership of Buffalo Fan Canada in the engineering development and manufacture of ventilating fan packages for industrial and commercial ventilation. Buffalo Fan Company axial roof fans cover sizes ranging from 15" to 84" wheel diameters with capacities from 2000 CFM to 200,000 CFM.
RTS Fans combine the rugged construction required in heavy industrial-process applications with pre-engineered fan designs for unequaled performance, quality and value.  RTS radial-tip wheels handle a wide variety of airstreams usually reserved for field-erected equipment including baghouse exhaust, recirculation of dust-laden gases and induced-draft service.
Radial-tip wheels — rugged, all-welded wheels capable of handling a variety of airstream compositions ranging from the relatively clean baghouse exhaust applications to recirculation of gases laden with dust, dirt, or particulate matter... various methods of abrasion-resistantconstruction are available.
The performance characteristics of RTS Fans generally provide slower operating speeds than backwardly inclined fans. Air-handling efficiencies are generally higher than common radial fans, and have lower noise levels. Often, the overall fan size is physically smaller than radial fans
when compared for a given capacity...
Abrasion-resistant construction - The following modifications are available to minimize wear caused by abrasion or erosion from airborne contaminants. The specific selection must be based on the experience of the user or specifier.
Blades: wheel blades fabricated of alloy steel with 321 minimum Brinell hardness.
Blade liners: partial liners continuously welded to blade wearing surface.
Housing: housing fabricated entirely of alloy steel with 321 minimum Brinell hardness.
Scroll: housing scroll fabricated entirely of alloy steel with 321 minimum Brinell hardness.
Scroll liners: removable liners bolted to housing interior...s plit housing required.
Metallized inlet cone: molten metal spray applied to the wearing surface.